ldap_first_attribute, ldap_next_attribute - step through LDAP entry attributes

cc [ flag...] file... -lldap[ library...]
#include <lber.h>
#include <ldap.h>
char *ldap_first_attribute(LDAP *ld, LDAPMessage *entry,

BerElement **berptr);

char *ldap_next_attribute(LDAP *ld, LDAPMessage *entry,

BerElement *ber);

The ldap_first_attribute() function gets the value of the first attribute in an entry.

The ldap_first_attribute() function returns the name of the first attribute in the entry. To get the value of the first attribute, pass the attribute name to the ldap_get_values() function or to the ldap_get_values_len() function.

The ldap_next_attribute() function gets the value of the next attribute in an entry.

After stepping through the attributes, the application should call ber_free() to free the BerElement structure allocated by the ldap_first_attribute() function if the structure is other than NULL.

If an error occurs, NULL is returned and the ld_errno field in the ld parameter is set to indicate the error. See ldap_error(3LDAP) for a description of possible error codes.

See attributes(7) for a description of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Evolving

ldap(3LDAP), ldap_error(3LDAP), ldap_first_entry(3LDAP), ldap_get_values(3LDAP), attributes(7)

The ldap_first_attribute() function allocates memory that might need to be freed by the caller by means of ber_free(3LDAP).

March 10, 2023 OmniOS