libjedec_vendor_stringtranslate JEDEC vendor IDs to strings

library “libjedec”

#include <libjedec.h>

const char *
libjedec_vendor_string(uint_t cont, uint_t vendor);

The () function translates a JEDEC vendor ID into a corresponding name. JEDEC vendor IDs are defined in the JEP106 standard. Vendor IDs come in banks and each bank contains up to 126 unique vendor names. To accommodate more than 126 vendors, a series of continuation bytes -- repeated values of 0x7f -- are used to indicate the bank. Most implementations, like SPD data, don't actually encode multiple continuations in the data, but rather just how many continuations are present. Note, the JEP106 standard describes the first bank as bank 1; however, the library is phrased in terms of the number of continuations due to how hardware encodes this data.

The value in cont should indicate the number of continuations present. The value in vendor indicates the vendor to look for and should include its parity bit. When the name is successfully found, a pointer to a constant string with the vendor's current name is returned. Note that a given vendor's name may be changed over time due to acquisitions. When the value doesn't correspond to a known name then NULL is returned.

Currently the data reflects the JEP106BH data from September 2023.

Upon successful completion, the libjedec_vendor_string() function returns a pointer to a vendor's name. Otherwise NULL is returned to indicate that there is no mapping for the specified IDs.


Standard Manufacturer's Identification Code, JEP106BH, JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, September 2023.

September 21, 2023 OmniOS