RTLD_DB(3EXT) Extended Library Functions RTLD_DB(3EXT)

rtld_db, rd_delete, rd_errstr, rd_event_addr, rd_event_enable, rd_event_getmsg, rd_init, rd_loadobj_iter, rd_log, rd_new, rd_objpad_enable, rd_plt_resolution, rd_reset - runtime linker debugging functions

cc [ flag ... ] file ... -lrtld_db [ library ... ]
#include <proc_service.h>
#include <rtld_db.h>
void rd_delete(struct rd_agent *rdap);

char *rd_errstr(rd_err_e rderr);

rd_err_e rd_event_addr(rd_agent *rdap, rd_notify_t *notify);

rd_err_e rd_event_enable(struct rd_agent *rdap, int onoff);

rd_err_e rd_event_getmsg(struct rd_agent *rdap,

rd_event_msg_t *msg);

rd_err_e rd_init(int version);

typedef int rl_iter_f(const rd_loadobj_t *, void *);

rd_err_e rd_loadobj_iter(rd_agent_t *rap, rl_iter_f *cb,

void *clnt_data);

void rd_log(const int onoff);

rd_agent_t *rd_new(struct ps_prochandle *php);

rd_err_e rd_objpad_enable(struct rd_agent *rdap, size_t padsize);

rd_err_e rd_plt_resolution(rd_agent *rdap, paddr_t pc,

lwpid_t lwpid, paddr_t plt_base, rd_plt_info_t *rpi);

rd_err_e rd_reset(struct rd_agent *rdap);

The librtld_db library provides support for monitoring and manipulating runtime linking aspects of a program. There are at least two processes involved, the controlling process and one or more target processes. The controlling process is the librtld_db client that links with librtld_db and uses librtld_db to inspect or modify runtime linking aspects of one or more target processes. See the Linker and Libraries Guide for a full description of the runtime linker debugger interface mechanism.

To use librtld_db, applications need to implement the interfaces documented in ps_pread(3PROC) and proc_service(3PROC).

See attributes(7) for description of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Committed
MT-Level Safe

ld.so.1(1), libc_db(3LIB), librtld_db(3LIB), proc_service(3PROC), ps_pread(3PROC), attributes(7)

Linker and Libraries Guide

October 12, 2007 OmniOS