ELF32_FSIZE(3ELF) ELF Library Functions ELF32_FSIZE(3ELF)

elf32_fsize, elf64_fsize - return the size of an object file type

cc [ flag ... ] file ... -lelf [ library ... ]
#include <libelf.h>
size_t elf32_fsize(Elf_Type type, size_t count, unsigned ver);

size_t elf64_fsize(Elf_Type type, size_t count, unsigned ver);

elf32_fsize() gives the size in bytes of the 32-bit file representation of count data objects with the given type. The library uses version ver to calculate the size. See elf(3ELF) and elf_version(3ELF).

Constant values are available for the sizes of fundamental types:

Elf_Type	File Size	Memory Size
ELF_T_ADDR	ELF32_FSZ_ADDR	sizeof(Elf32_Addr)
ELF_T_BYTE	1	sizeof(unsigned char)
ELF_T_HALF	ELF32_FSZ_HALF	sizeof(Elf32_Half)
ELT_T_OFF	ELF32_FSZ_OFF	sizeof(Elf32_Off)
ELF_T_SWORD	ELF32_FSZ_SWORD	sizeof(Elf32_Sword)
ELF_T_WORD	ELF32_FSZ_WORD	sizeof(Elf32_Word)

elf32_fsize() returns 0 if the value of type or ver is unknown. See elf32_xlatetof(3ELF) for a list of the type values.

For the 64−bit class, replace 32 with 64 as appropriate.

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Stable
MT-Level MT-Safe

elf(3ELF), elf32_xlatetof(3ELF), elf_version(3ELF), libelf(3LIB), attributes(7)

July 11, 2001 OmniOS