DNSServiceEnumerateDomains - enumerate recommended domains

cc [ flag ... ] file ... -ldns_sd [ library ... ]
#include <dns_sd.h>
DNSServiceErrorType DNSServiceEnumerateDomains(DNSServiceRef *sdRef,

DNSServiceFlags flags, uint32_t interfaceIndex,
DNSServiceDomainEnumReply callBack, void *context);

typedef void(*DNSServiceDomainEnumReply)(DNSServiceRef sdRef,

DNSServiceFlags flags, uint31_t interfaceIndex,
DNSServiceErrorType errorCode, const char *replyDomain,
void *context);

The DNSServiceEnumerateDomains() function allows applications to determine recommended browsing and registration domains for performing service discovery DNS queries. The callback argument points to a function to be called to return results or if the asynchronous call to DNSServiceEnumerateDomains() fails. The callback function should point to a function of type DNSServiceDomainEnumReply listed above.

A pointer to an uninitialized DNSServiceRef, sdRef must be passed to DNSServiceEnumerateDomains(). If the call succeeds, sdRef is initialized and kDNSServiceErr_NoError is returned. The enumeration call runs indefinitely until the client terminates the call. The enumeration call must be terminated by passing the DNSServiceRef initialized by the enumeration call to DNSServiceRefDeallocate() when no more domains are to be found.

The value of flags is constructed by a bitwise-inclusive-OR of the flags used in DNSService functions and defined in <dns_sd.h>. Possible values for flags to the DNSServiceEnumerateDomains() call are: kDNSServiceFlagsBrowseDomains and kDNSServiceFlagsRegistrationDomains. The kDNSServiceFlagsBrowseDomains value is passed to enumerate domains recommended for browsing. The kDNSServiceFlagsRegistrationDomains value is passed to enumerate domains recommended for registration. Possible values of flags returned in the callback function are: kDNSServiceFlagsMoreComing, kDNSServiceFlagsAdd, and kDNSServiceFlagsDefault.

The interfaceIndex parameter to the enumeration call specifies the interface index searched for domains. Most applications pass 0 to enumerate domains on all interfaces. See the section "Constants for specifying an interface index" in <dns_sd.h> for more details. The context parameter can be NULL and is passed to the enumeration callback function. The interfaceIndex value passed to the callback specifies the interface on which the domain exists.

The DNSServiceEnumerateDomains() function returns kDNSServiceErr_NoError on success. Otherwise, the function returns an error code defined in <dns_sd.h>. The callback is not invoked on error and the DNSServiceRef that is passed is not initialized. Upon a successful call to DNSServiceEnumerateDomains(), subsequent asynchronous errors are delivered to the callback.

See attributes(7) for description of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Committed
MT-Level Safe

DNSServiceRefDeallocate(3DNS_SD), attributes(7)

August 20, 2007 OmniOS