DI_DEVLINK_WALK(3DEVINFO) Device Information Library Functions DI_DEVLINK_WALK(3DEVINFO)

di_devlink_walk - walk through links in a devlink snapshot

cc [ flag... ] file... -ldevinfo [ library... ]
#include <libdevinfo.h>
int di_devlink_walk(di_devlink_handle_t hdl,const char *re,
     const char *mpath, uint_t flags, void *arg,
     int (*devlink_callback)(di_devlink_t devlink, void *arg));

A handle to a snapshot of devlinks in "/dev".


An extended regular expression as specified in regex(7) describing the paths of devlinks to visit. A null value matches all devlinks. The expression should not involve the "/dev" prefix. For example, the "^dsk/" will invoke devlink_callback() for all "/dev/dsk/" links.


A path to a minor node below "/devices" for which "/dev" links are to be looked up. A null value selects all devlinks. This path should not have a "/devices" prefix.


Specify the type of devlinks to be selected. If DI_PRIMARY_LINK is used, only primary links (for instance, links which point only to "/devices" entries) are selected. If DI_SECONDARY_LINK is specified, only secondary links (for instance, devlinks which point to other devlinks) are selected. If neither flag is specified, all devlinks are selected.


A pointer to caller private data.


The devlink being visited.

The di_devlink_walk() function visits every link in the snapshot that meets the criteria specified by the caller. For each such devlink, the caller-supplied function devlink_callback() is invoked. The return value of devlink_callback() determines subsequent walk behavior.

Upon success, the di_devlink_walk() function returns 0. Otherwise, -1 is returned and errno is set to indicate the error.

The devlink_callback() function can return the following values:


Continue walking.


Terminate the walk immediately.

The devlink_callback() function will fail if:


One or more arguments is invalid.


Insufficient memory is available.

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Committed
MT-Level Safe

malloc(3C), di_devlink_init(3DEVINFO), di_devlink_path(3DEVINFO), libdevinfo(3LIB), attributes(7), regex(7)

May 15, 2008 OmniOS