FERROR(3C) Standard C Library Functions FERROR(3C)

ferror, feof, clearerr, fileno
stream status inquiries

#include <stdio.h>

ferror(FILE *stream);

feof(FILE *stream);

clearerr(FILE *stream);

fileno(FILE *stream);

The ferror() function returns a non-zero value when an error has previously occurred reading from or writing to the named stream (see Intro(3)). It returns 0 otherwise.

The feof() function returns a non-zero value when EOF has previously been detected reading the named input stream. It returns 0 otherwise.

The clearerr() function resets the error indicator and EOF indicator to 0 on the named stream.

The fileno() function returns the integer file descriptor associated with the named stream; see open(2). Streams that are not associated with a file descriptor such as those that were created through the fmemopen(3C) or open_memstream(3C) functions will return -1.



Intro(2), open(2), fmemopen(3C), fopen(3C), open_memstream(3C), stdio(3C)
March 25, 2020 OmniOS