AU_USER_MASK(3BSM) Security and Auditing Library Functions AU_USER_MASK(3BSM)

au_user_mask - get user's binary preselection mask

cc [ flag... ] file... -lbsm  -lsocket   -lnsl   [ library... ]
#include <bsm/libbsm.h>
int au_user_mask(char *username, au_mask_t *mask_p);

The au_user_mask() function reads the default, system wide audit classes, combines them with the per-user audit classes, and updates the binary preselection mask pointed to by mask_p with the combined value.

The audit preselection mask is constructed as follows:

success flags =
	(system default success flags + per-user always success flags)
		- per-user never success flags
failure flags =
	(system default failure flags + per-user always failure flags)
		- per-user never failure flags

The au_user_mask() function fails only if the system wide audit flags could not be retrieved.

Upon successful completion, au_user_mask() returns 0.

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Stable
MT-Level MT-Safe

login(1), getaudit(2), setaudit(2), au_preselect(3BSM), attributes(7)

The au_user_mask() function should be called by programs like login(1) which set a process's preselection mask with setaudit(2). getaudit(2) should be used to obtain audit characteristics for the current process.

If global zone auditing is set, a local zone cannot reduce the default flags.

March 6, 2017 OmniOS