AVL_IS_EMPTY(3AVL) AVL Tree Library Functions AVL_IS_EMPTY(3AVL)

avl_is_emptydetermine if an AVL tree is empty

AVL Tree Library (libavl, -lavl)
#include <sys/avl.h>

avl_is_empty(avl_tree_t *tree);

The () function is used to determine whether or not the AVL tree, tree, is empty. If tree has zero nodes in it, then B_TRUE is returned, otherwise B_FALSE is returned.

The avl_is_empty() function returns B_TRUE when there are no nodes in the tree and B_FALSE otherwise.

See the EXAMPLES section in libavl(3LIB).

See Locking in libavl(3LIB).


May 7, 2015 OmniOS