ZDUMP(1M) Maintenance Commands ZDUMP(1M)

zdump - time zone dumper

zdump [--version] [-v] [-c [loyear,]hiyear] [zonename]...

The zdump command prints the current time for each time zone (zonename) listed on the command line. Specify zonename as the name of the time zone database file relative to /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo.

Specifying an invalid time zone (zonename) to zdump does not return an error, rather zdump uses GMTO. This is consistent with the behavior of the library calls; zdump reflects the same behavior of the time routines in libc. See ctime(3C) and mktime(3C).

The following options are supported:


Outputs version information and exits.


Displays the entire contents of the time zone database file for zonename. Prints the time at the lowest possible time value; the time one day after the lowest possible time value; the times both one second before and exactly at each time at which the rules for computing local time change; the time at the highest possible time value; and the time at one day less than the highest possible time value. See mktime(3C) and ctime(3C) for information regarding time value (time_t). Each line of output ends with isdst=1 if the given time is Daylight Saving Time, or isdst=0 otherwise.

-c [loyear],hiyear

Cuts off the verbose output near the start of the given year(s) . By default, the program cuts off verbose output near the start of the years -500 and 2500.

The following exit values are returned:


Successful completion.


An error occurred.

Standard zone information directory

See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Stable

zic(1M), ctime(3C), mktime(3C), attributes(5), environ(5)

January 3, 2006 OmniOS