WRACCT(1M) Maintenance Commands WRACCT(1M)

wracct - write extended accounting records for active processes and tasks

/usr/sbin/wracct -i id_list [-t record_type]
     {process | task}

The wracct utility allows the administrator to invoke the extended accounting system, if active, to write intermediate records representing the resource usage of a selected set of processes or tasks. For tasks, a record_type option is also supported, allowing the administrator to request the writing of:

an interval record, which reflects task usage since a previous interval record (or since task creation if there is no interval record), or
a partial record, which reflects usage since task creation.

The following options are supported:

-i id_list

Select the IDs of the tasks or processes to write records for. Specify id_list as a comma- or space-separated list of IDs, presented as a single argument. For some shells, this requires appropriate quoting of the argument.

-t record_type

Select type of record to write for the selected task or process. For tasks, record_type can be partial or interval. partial is the default type, and the only type available for process records.

The following operands are supported:


Treat the given ID as a process ID for the purposes of constructing and writing an extended accounting record.


Treat the given ID as a task ID for the purposes of constructing and writing an extended accounting record.

Example 1 Writing a Partial Record

Write a partial record for all active sendmail processes.

# /usr/sbin/wracct -i "`pgrep sendmail`" process

Example 2 Writing an Interval Record

Write an interval record for the task with ID 182.

# /usr/sbin/wracct -t interval -i 182 task

The following exit values are returned:


Successful completion.


An error occurred.


Invalid command line options were specified.


Pertinent components of extended accounting facility are not active.



Extended accounting data files.

acctadm(1M), attributes(5)

July 13, 2005 OmniOS