NETSTRATEGY(1M) Maintenance Commands NETSTRATEGY(1M)

netstrategy - return network configuration information


The netstrategy command determines the network configuration strategy in use on a system and returns information in a form that is easily consumable by a script. The command returns three tokens:

<root filesystem type> <primary interface> <network config strategy>

These tokens are described as follows:

<root filesystem type>

Type of filesystem that contains the bootable kernel, as would be specified in the fstype column of the mnttab(4).

<primary interface>

Name of the primary network interface. For a diskless machine, this is the interface used to load the kernel.

<network config strategy>

The means by which a system obtains its IP address for booting. This can be one of rarp, dhcp, or none.

The netstrategy command is not intended for use on a command line.

The netstrategy command has no options.



An error occurred.

See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Evolving

ifconfig(1M), mnttab(4), attributes(5)

May 5, 2007 OmniOS