NCHECK_UFS(1M) Maintenance Commands NCHECK_UFS(1M)

ncheck_ufs - generate pathnames versus i-numbers for ufs file systems

ncheck -F ufs [generic_options] [-o m] [special]...

ncheck -F ufs generates a pathname versus i-number list of files for the ufs file system residing on special. Names of directory files are followed by `/.'.

See ncheck(1M) for the list of generic_options supported.


Specify ufs file system specific options. The available option is:


Print mode information.

ff(1M), ncheck(1M), attributes(5)

When the file system structure is improper, `??' denotes the "parent" of a parentless file and a pathname beginning with `...' denotes a loop.

December 18, 1991 OmniOS