MDATA-PUT(1m) Metadata Commands MDATA-PUT(1m)

mdata-put -- Set the value of a metadata key-value pair.

/usr/sbin/mdata-put keyname [ value ]

The mdata-put command allows the user (or a script) to modify the metadata for a guest instance running in a SmartDataCenter (SDC) cloud. Metadata values are generally set programmatically via CloudAPI, or during interactive provisioning via a Web Portal. The value of a key-value pair may be obtained by passing its name to the mdata-get command.

The key-value pair named keyname will be updated in the metadata store for this instance. If a value argument is provided on the command-line, then that value will be used. Otherwise, if stdin is not a tty, the value will be read from stdin.

If the metadata service is unavailable at the time of the request, this command will block waiting for it to become available. Non-transient failures, such as the non-existence of the requested keyname, will cause the program to exit with a non-zero status. Depending on the nature of the error, some diagnostic output may be printed to stderr.

The following exit values are returned:


Successful completion.

The requested keyname was valid, and its value was updated.


An error occurred.

An unexpected error condition occurred, which is believed to be a non-transient condition. Retrying the request is not expected to resolve the error condition; either a software bug or misconfiguration exists.


A usage error occurred.

Malformed arguments were passed to the program. Check the usage instructions to ensure valid arguments are supplied.

mdata-delete(1m), mdata-get(1m), mdata-list(1m)

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