IN.CDPD(1M) Maintenance Commands IN.CDPD(1M)

Cisco discovery agent

in.cdpd [-v] [-d] -R | -r [device]

in.cdpd -l

in.cdpd actively listens for other hosts, and advertises the local machine to connected network interfaces using the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP). Local network interfaces available for use are those which implement dlpi(7P) and act as Ethernet provider nodes. in.cdpd will connect to each provider node, and register with it to read raw datalink frames in order to parse CDP.

When the in.cdpd service starts, it requests multicast promiscuous mode on all Ethernet style interfaces, and begins processing raw multicast frames, scanning for those that match the CDP multicast address and LLC header. The DLPI layer does not explicitly specify the ability to bind to, and listen for LLC frames, so in.cdpd binds to the typically unused SAP address of 0x0000, and enables raw mode processing.

The associated cdpadm(1M) utility can be used to display status data from the running daemon.

Adds verbosity. Can be specified multiple times for more output. Prints additional details in more verbose modes.
Lists All Physical style Ethernet interfaces in the system and then exits. Overrides most other options.
Dumps frames while running.
Starts the service in background mode.
Starts the service in forground mode. This is mainly used for verbose diagnostics, testing, frame dumps, and debugging purposes.

Files used by the service instance.

cdpadm(1M), dlpi(7P)
May 25, 2021 OmniOS