DEVPROP(1M) Maintenance Commands DEVPROP(1M)

devprop - display device properties

/sbin/devprop [-n device-path] [-vq] [-{b|i|l|s}] [property[...]]

The devprop command displays named device properties from the device tree.

If a device path is specified on the command line, devprop displays device properties for that device node.

The output formats, while Volatile, are patterned after those of prtconf(1M).

The following options are supported:


The properties to be output are sequences of bytes (DI_PROP_TYPE_BYTES). -b, -i, -l, and -s are mutually exclusive of one another.


The properties to be output are integers (DI_PROP_TYPE_INT).


The properties to be output are 64-bit integers (DI_PROP_TYPE_INT64).


The properties to be output are strings (DI_PROP_TYPE_STRING) (the default).

-n device-path

The path to a target device node for which properties are displayed. The default path is that of the root node (equivalent to specifying -n /).


Specifies quoted output mode, in which string properties are output surrounded by double quotation marks (").


Specifies verbose mode, in which the name of the property is output before its value.

The following operand is supported:


Name of the property to be displayed.


No error occurred.


An error occurred.

See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability See below.

The command invocation and output are both Volatile. The location of the utility is Committed.

prtconf(1M), libdevinfo(3LIB), attributes(5)

September 26, 2007 OmniOS