CDPADM(1M) Maintenance Commands CDPADM(1M)

administer the CDP service

cdpadm [-f format] subcommand [args]

The cdpadm command is used to administer the in.cdpd(1M) service.

Outputs the current CDP neighbour table. Supports output formats, see below.
Outputs detailed information about each entry in the neighbour table.
Request that dead neighbours are removed from the neighbour table.
Display packet statistics.

The show commands accept one of various output format specifiers. A format specifier can appear anywhere in the arguments. Multiple specifers can be included on the command line, but only the last one will be used.
Semicolon separated fields, no headers
JSON style array of objects, one object per entry
XML formatted blocks

Socket used for communication with the CDP daemon.

The CDP service is not running.
The process failed to connect to the IPC socket, because it does not exist. in.cdpd(1M) is most likely not running.

May 25, 2021 OmniOS