BHYVECTL(1M) Maintenance Commands BHYVECTL(1M)

control utility for bhyve instances

bhyvectl --vm=<vmname> [--create] [--destroy] [--get-stats] [--inject-nmi] [--force-reset] [--force-poweroff] [--checkpoint=<filename>] [--suspend=<filename>]

The bhyvectl command is a control utility for active bhyve(1M) virtual machine instances.

Note: Most bhyvectl flags are intended for querying and setting the state of an active instance. These commands are intended for development purposes, and are not documented here. A complete list can be obtained by executing bhyvectl without any arguments.

The user-facing options are as follows:

Operate on the virtual machine <vmname>.
Create the specified VM.
Destroy the specified VM.
Retrieve statistics for the specified VM.
Inject a non-maskable interrupt (NMI) into the VM.
Force the VM to reset.
Force the VM to power off.

The bhyvectl utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

Destroy the VM called fbsd10:

bhyvectl --vm=fbsd10 --destroy

May 4, 2020 OmniOS