BHHWCOMPAT(1M) Maintenance Commands BHHWCOMPAT(1M)

Check if the current system is bhyve-compatible

bhhwcompat [-cs]

bhhwcompat probes the system to determine whether the current system is compatible with the bhyve hypervisor.

A compatible system has supported hardware and has virtualisation enabled (for example in the system BIOS settings).

The following options are supported:
Print the number of virtual CPUs supported by bhyve.
Suppress output, return exit status only.

The following exit values are returned:
The system is compatible with bhyve.
An error occurred.
The system is not compatible with bhyve.

The command line interface of bhhwcompat is Evolving. The output of bhhwcompat is Not-An-Interface and may change at any time.
March 7, 2021 OmniOS