EXPORTFS(1B) BSD Compatibility Package Commands EXPORTFS(1B)

exportfs - translates exportfs options to share/unshare commands

/usr/sbin/exportfs [-aiuv] [-o options] [pathname]

exportfs translates SunOS 4.x exportfs options to the corresponding share/unshare options and invokes share/unshare with the translated options.

With no options or arguments, exportfs invokes share to print out the list of all currently shared NFS filesystems.

exportfs is the BSD/Compatibility Package command of share(8) and unshare(8). Use share(8)/ unshare(8) whenever possible.


Invokes shareall(8), or if -u is specified, invokes unshareall(8).


Ignore options in /etc/dfs/dfstab.


Invokes unshare(8) on pathname.



-o options

Specify a comma-separated list of optional characteristics for the filesystems being exported. exportfs translates options to share-equivalent options. (see share(8) for information about individual options).

attributes(7), share(8), shareall(8), unshare(8), unshareall(8)

November 6, 2000 OmniOS