PROJECTS(1) User Commands PROJECTS(1)

projects - print project membership of user

projects [-dv] [ user]

projects -l [projectname [projectname]...]

The projects command prints on standard output the projects to which the invoking user or an optionally specified user belongs. Each user belongs to some set of projects specified in the project(5) file and possibly in the associated NIS maps and LDAP databases for project information.

The following options are supported:


Prints only default project.


Prints verbose info on each project projectname. If no projectnames are given, info on all projects is printed.


Prints project descriptions along with project names.

The following operand is supported:


Display information for the specified project.


Displays project memberships for the specified user.

Example 1 Displaying Membership for a Specified User

example$ projects paul
default beatles wings
example$ projects ringo
default beatles
example$ projects -d paul

The following exit values are returned:


Successful completion.


A fatal error occurred during execution.


Invalid command line options were specified.

Local database containing valid project definitions for this machine.

See attributes(7) for a description of the following attributes:

Stability See below.

The invocation is Evolving. The human-readable output is Unstable.

getdefaultproj(3PROJECT), getprojent(3PROJECT), project(5), attributes(7)

May 13, 2004 OmniOS