INDXBIB(1) User Commands INDXBIB(1)

indxbib - create an inverted index to a bibliographic database

indxbib database-file...

indxbib makes an inverted index to the named database-file (which must reside within the current directory), typically for use by lookbib(1) and refer(1). A database contains bibliographic references (or other kinds of information) separated by blank lines.

A bibliographic reference is a set of lines, constituting fields of bibliographic information. Each field starts on a line beginning with a `%', followed by a key-letter, then a blank, and finally the contents of the field, which may continue until the next line starting with `%'.

indxbib is a shell script that calls two programs: /usr/lib/refer/mkey and /usr/lib/refer/inv. mkey truncates words to 6 characters, and maps upper case to lower case. It also discards words shorter than 3 characters, words among the 100 most common English words, and numbers (dates) < 1000 or > 2099. These parameters can be changed.

indxbib creates an entry file (with a .ia suffix), a posting file (.ib), and a tag file (.ic), in the working directory.




entry file


posting file


tag file


reference file

addbib(1), lookbib(1), refer(1), roffbib(1), sortbib(1), attributes(7)

All dates should probably be indexed, since many disciplines refer to literature written in the 1800s or earlier.

indxbib does not recognize pathnames.

September 14, 1992 OmniOS