PRTFRU(8) Maintenance Commands and Procedures PRTFRU(8)

prtfru - print FRUID-specific information about the FRUs on a system or domain

/usr/sbin/prtfru [-d] | [-clx] [container]

The prtfru utility is used to obtain FRUID data from the system or domain. Its output is that of a tree structure echoing the path in the FRU (Field-Replaceable Unit) tree to each container. When a container is found, the data from that container is printed in a tree-like structure as well.

prtfru without any arguments will print the FRU hierarchy and all of the FRUID container data. prtfru prints to stdout which may be redirected to a file.

The following options are supported:


Prints only the containers and their data. This option does not print the FRU tree hierarchy.


Prints a DTD for the current registry to stdout.


Prints only the FRU tree hierarchy. This option does not print the container data.


Prints in XML format with a system identifier (SYSTEM) of prtfrureg.dtd.

Options -c and -l can be used together to obtain a list of the containers.

The following operand is supported:


The name of a particular container in the FRU hierarchy, that is, either the name or path/name of a container as displayed in the -l option.

The following exit values are returned:


All information was found and printed successfully.


An error has occurred.

attributes(7), fruadm(8)
April 9, 2016 OmniOS